Leasing Services

Providing 100% Stress-Free Ownership
Tenant Selection
We manage the complete leasing process, including property marketing and intelligent tenant selection; selecting the most suitable tenants in the aim to protect longevity of a property and the overall interest of the owner. 

Your Place operates an internal ‘Two Stage Intelligent Tenant Selection Process’. The tenant process consists of the initial accurate tenant profiling and the verification of the information provided. A comparison of the profile against our company standard is made to establish whether the tenant meets our minimum requirement.

In stage two we select the most suitable profile among those willing to rent the property. Your Place understands the value of a good tenant, by reaching a certain standard we are able to protect our clients’ assets.
Tenancy Contract
Our Addendum to the Tenancy Contract includes a set of clauses aimed to protect both parties involved.

The written mutual agreement against a number of ‘what if’ cases allows us to improve a clear and direct Tenant to Landlord relation, whilst decreasing the chance of a misunderstanding and possible contrast.

With ten years’ experience of contract management we have developed a fair and safe contract format that considerably reduces the number of legal disputes between landlords and tenants.
Tenant Check-in
Your Place pays specific attention to this process as it is related with the smooth starting of the tenancy contract. While considering how much the landlord cares about his property we always show a supporting approach to tenants who are seeking a ‘welcome home feeling’. Check-in translates into a step by step process where an accurate checklist allows us to take care of every detail at the beginning of property occupancy.
Key Handover
The key handover is a delicate process, linked with the safety of the tenant, the building and the community. Your Place pays extreme attention to this process in accordance with the building rules regarding the new tenant registration, and the move out process.
EJARI Registration
Your Place fully complies with all local regulations and legislation. All our Tenancy contracts are officially registered with Ejari.
Bill Payments
Possessing a property always implying the necessity to take care of a multitude of payments associated to it. Our IT systems allows us to be always alerted on time and not to forget any payments, while recording each transaction in order to maintain our integrity and transparently show any activity, time and effort we spend for the owners benefit.
Tenant Check-out
We consider this to be the most sensitive time of the tenancy period. Our duty is to collect the property from the tenant assuring that it is in the same condition as the time of check in. The management of the security deposit is an important factor and it is operated in order to satisfy both parties. We like to think our tenants are always willing to come back and rent with us in the future, if back in Dubai.
Managing Tenant Disputes
On a Power of Attorney basis, we use our experience and knowledge of the regulations imposed by Dubai Land Department and RERA to actively represent the landlord on the unlikely event of a tenant dispute. In case the situation would require it, Your Place has got the support of an associated experienced law firm.

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